Siliguri Greater Lions Eye HospitalCataract is the leading cause of bilateral blindness in India. It has been reported that cataract is responsible for 50-80% of the bilaterally blind in the country. Cataract formation is a natural part of the ageing process. Even though vision lost due to cataract can be restored through a simple and minor procedure, it still remains one of the significant causes of preventable blindness.

Since the establishment of SGLEH, cataract consultation and surgeries have been a part of its services. Today, SGLEH is equipped with world class infrastructure and an expert team of doctors to screen, detect, diagnose and offer right procedural corrections for cataract and cataract related eye disorders.

SGLEH specialists are trained in some of the world's best hospitals, and deliver best quality treatment with state of the art equipment.Painless and stitch-less cataract surgery with high quality lensis now available at an affordable range.

Siliguri Greater Lions Eye HospitalRetinal diseases vary widely - some are common and easily treatable, while others are rare, more difficult to diagnose and require more complex treatment. People with retinal diseases experience an array of symptoms, from specks floating in their vision to blurred or lost vision.

A significant percentage of retinal blindness is due to Diabetic Retinopathy. India is called as “World Diabetes Capital”, it is estimated that 50 million people are living with diabetes.It is estimated that 15 to 25% of the diabetic population have diabetic retinopathy (blindness caused by diabetes), and everyone has the potential to develop it over a period of time.West Bengal is ranked as the 4th Indian state with highest DR population. SGLEH has launched a long-term intervention for prevention and control of Diabetic Retinopathy in collaboration with World Diabetes Foundation.

SGLEH was the first eye care institute of this region to set up a dedicated department of Vitreo-retina in 2009. The department has all the latest equipment like Digital fundus camera, ultrasound, B- scan, Green laser; for operation theater services there is accurus vitrectomy machine. All types of cases related Retina are routinely seen and treated regularly.

The department is regularly carrying out treatments like vitrectomy surgeries, Retinal detachment surgeries, macular hole surgeries, Suture less vitrectomies. Intraviteal injections (Lucentis, Avastin) for diseases like ARMD Retinal Vein occlusions with macular edema, PDR, DME are regularly being carried out at affordable cost.

Siliguri Greater Lions Eye HospitalIn India every 4 minute, a child goes blind. India has the highest number of children with blindness but very few eye hospitals with pediatric eye care facility. Loss of vision in children influences their education, employment and social life. Pediatric Cataract is the most common treatable cause, being responsible for 10 to 30 per cent of all childhood blindness. Most of them cannot afford treatment cost and make multiple visits to a pediatric eye care center in far off places. Parents and primary eye care workers are also unaware of childhood cataract and cannot detect this condition easily; therefore a child suffering from cataract often stays at home. Restoring sight in a child who is blind from cataract depends on early detection of blind children within households and communities, treatment in a well-equipped facility and long-term follow-up care.

SGLEH has set up first dedicated Child-friendly Pediatric Eye CareCenter in North Bengal.All kinds of diagnosis and management of pediatric eye disorders like refractive error, childhood cataract, glaucoma, amblyopia, squint, retinal disorders, congenital anomalies etc.

The department has unique features like child play area, baby feeding room, well trained pediatric team and dedicated ward for children admitted for medical management. The Child Eye Care Centre is supported by ORBIS International, a global eye care organization. The Pediatric Cataract services are supported by Lions Clubs International Foundationand Bausch & Lomb.

Siliguri Greater Lions Eye HospitalAlmost all kinds of diagnostic tests are performed here. SGLEH has full range of eye care diagnostics equipment including:

  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Humphrey Visual Field (Perimetry)
  • Ultrasonography (B–Scan)
  • Automated Refractometer
  • Fundus Fluorescein Angiography (FFA)
  • Nd. Yag Laser
  • Biometry (Keratometry)
  • Pachymetry

Health Care, Pathology and ECG Clinic:
SGLEH provides free consultation for the In-house patient referred for general health check-up (Pre-op). The healthcare unit is managed by in-house general physician, who is responsible for giving physical fitness certificate before surgery. The Unit also comprises of pathology unit which performs routine tests & Serological tests. The pathology unit is managed by a Pathologist and a trained technician. A dedicated ECG unit is also available for assessment of cardiology related check-up.


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